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A perc Is inside any bong that helps cool the smoke before you inhale. A Perc will force the smoke to filter through the water before it comes up the chamber, By the time it gets up to you it’s much smoother. So basically if you’re done with coughing and dry throat every time you use a bong then it’s time to get a percolator Bong

between 420 to 450°

Essentially a bong for concentrates,This will have a nail instead of a typical bowl for dry herb. Things you may also need,dab tool and torch

Resin build up can create hot spots in your glass that can lead to breakage

Rez shield is an all natural Must have for anybody with a bong or rig! This all natural products will put a film around your bong so that no resin will stick to it, just like that makes your bong so much easier to clean. Rez shield is in your bong while you smoke .Just mix it in with your water and do NOT dump it out. Dump and re-change water with some new red shield every 2 to 3 days .You won’t ever be able to go without it !

We absolutely do, We get new inventory weekly so its quite difficult to update the website every week , although we do try to update as much as possible but you Will most definitely find things in store that aren’t listed online